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Bayonet Fencing

Bayonet Fencing

Courage. Confidence. Commitment


Charge into the battlefield etc.....

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How do I play Bayonet Fencing?

Bayonet Rifle

Fencers are armed with a mock rifle, with its front portion simulated with a foam bayonet, making it safe to use for fencing thrusting movements.

Protective Mask


Players will also be provided with a protective mask to wear, for additional protection at the face and especially the eyes.

The mask is adjustable and fits both children and adults perfectly. You can even wear spectacles underneath the mask!

Safe Foam Bayonet


The foam bayonet will bend upon contact. It is safe for fencing matches, even without using any body protective gear.



The arena is setup with inflatable walls and obstacles, for you to hide and shoot from behind cover.

Understanding the layout of the battlefield is also crucial in the planning your team's strategy to achieve victory!

USA Safety Patent

The foam bayonet is made with a USA patented technology for safety. This technology is used globally for various other fencing weapons.



Some special characters in the game may hold special props, such as a large full-body Shield as shown here.

Use the Shield to protect your teammates for them to complete the mission!

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