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80 Students Event For A Secondary School

In May 2018, we organized a big event for a secondary school in Singapore, so that the students can have some fun after their exams. We ran 3 different games for the students: NERF Gun Party, Laser Tag and Human Foosball!

1) Dart War

Dart War is a NERF gun battle game that's suitable for adults and youth, thus the teachers can join in the game with the students too.

Dart War NERF gun battle for students & teachers

Players have to wear a Velcro Vest, and shoot Velcro bullets at each other. If the bullet sticks onto your vest, that means you're hit! The battlezone was setup in the school's Multi-Purpose Hall, and obstacles were erected so that the players can hide and take cover

Dart War NERF gun battle prone position

2) Laser Tag

The second game for the students was Laser Tag, and it was held in their basketball court. We erected mock walls so that the students can hide and take cover while trying to shoot down the opposite team

Laser Tag Singapore in basketball court

The guns we used was simple to operate, thus the students easily got the hang of it and was quickly chasing & blasting each other

Laser Tag Singapore shooting from behind the wall

3) Human Foosball

The third and final game for the students was Human Foosball. Imagine the table-top soccer, but played in real-life! This game was held in their street soccer court, as it was the perfect place with goal-posts already in place

Human Foosball game for the students

Players have to hold onto the poles and slide left or right only. Teamwork and communication is a must. If different persons decide to move in different directions, the pole will be stuck in position and nobody goes anywhere

We end off the event with a big group photo with the student

Teambondingsg for 80+ students in a Singapore secondary school

Thank you for playing so many games with us, and we wish you good grades for your exams!

Team-building Activity Organizer in Singapore


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