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We organize awesome Corporate team building events in Singapore

Corporate Team Building Events • Cohesion Activities • Carnival Booths believes in bringing joy & memorable experiences to people. Over the past 10 years, we have become a leading organizer of corporate team building events, cohesion games and fun activities in Singapore, and featured on national TV several times. We look forward to give you a great event!

The corporate team building in Singapore is essential to expand organizations and create a bond between groups. The comradeship in members of a company makes the work enjoyable yet productive. understand this notion and arrange fun-filled events, which also generate solidarity between people. Our events are distinctive and unparalleled to any activities you attended in the past.

Company Team Building Events

Team Bonding Singapore offer various team building activities, some of which were uniquely invented by us! Our programs include: Archery Tag , Rival TagLaser Tag , Dart War , Zombie Tag , Human Foosball , Samurai Archery and Spartan Tag!

By using premium equipment and having trained facilitators to deliver the best experience, our clients' reviews are a testament to the quality of our service.

Check out our full list of team bonding activities in Singapore here.

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Most Popular

For Corporate Team Building Singapore

Team bonding SG Laser Tag for corporate team building events singapore

Laser Tag

Safe, fun and suitable for all ages, LASER TAG team building remains a hot favorite for company team building eventsWork as a team to win!

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Team bonding SG RIVAL TAG NERF for corporate team building singapore


RIVAL TAG is a gun battle game where players shoot Velcro Bullets at each other. If the bullet sticks onto your Velcro Vest, you're out!

Ideal for company team building events as an alternative to Paintball, because this is much safer, cleaner & pain-free!

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Team bonding SG Archery Tag for corporate team building singapore


Ready to be Robin Hood or Legolas? Archery Tag for Kids is a game where kids shoot each other with safe foam arrows.

Defend your castle with your teammates while braving rains of arrows together!

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Unique & Special

For A Different Experience!

Team bonding SG Zombie Tag for cohesion or company team building events

Zombie Tag

Uniquely designed by us, ZOMBIE TAG tests your teamwork in a horror themed game where Humans have to survive the brain-thirsty Zombies.

If you are looking for something special or unique for a company team building event, we highly recommend ZOMBIE TAG.

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Team bonding SG Spartan Tag Spear fencing game for cohesion or company team building in Singapore


When the enemy knocks on your door, do you run in fear? Or do you stand your ground?

SPARTAN TAG is an electronic Spear fencing game, which tests not only your teamwork, but also your courage. Prepare for glory!

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Team bonding SG Samurai Japanese Archery for cohesion or company team building singapore


The ancient Samurai bow is the longest in the world, towering at a length of 2.3 meters tall.

Learn how to shoot with a traditional Japanese bow, then test your skills in a marksmanship competition, or battle game!

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For All Ages To Play Together!

Team bonding SG Human Foosball for kids & adults corporate team building

Human FoosbaLL

Planning a company team building event for your staff & family? In a Human Foosball game, adults & kids can all play together. Affordable choice for big groups.

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Team bonding SG Kids Laser Tag Singapore for whole family

Kids Laser Tag

For kids' Laser Tag birthday party games, we use simpler and easy-to-operate official NERF Laser Ops guns. 


Great for birthday party activities for kids, school cohesion, or family day events!

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Team bonding SG Dart War NERF gun events for kids and youth

Dart WaR

NERF gun battles are great fun & popular among kids & youth, and adults can join in the fun too!

With our special Velcro Bullets that can stick onto players' Velcro Vests, we have a fair & reliable to judge who got shot in the game.

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Latest Event: 60 pax Corporate Team Building Event!

In Mar 2019, we had a 60 pax Team Building event at Turf City for our client. We organized a game of Archery Tag and Rival Tag for them, using our new NERF Rival Star Wars Stormtrooper & Overwatch Reaper blasters!

Past Event: 25 pax Company Team Building Event!

In Feb 2019, our client had a last-minute request to organize a team building session for him and some overseas colleagues before they fly off. We scrambled and make all the pieces fall together, to run an Archery Tag and Laser Tag event for them.

Past Event: 80 pax Corporate Team Building Event!

In Jan 2019, we organized a company team building event for our client with 80 pax at The Cage! They played Laser Tag and Rival Tag with us. Thank you for being great sports on a Saturday morning!

Past Event: 50 pax Company Team Building Event!

In Nov 2018, we organized a company team building for our client with 50 pax at Turf City! They played Laser Tag team building and NERF Team Building with us. Check out the awesome photos!