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​Archery Tag Singapore

Archery Tag Singapore
Battle of Safe Foam Arrows! 

Archery Tag is a fun & exciting team-based game that allows you to tag each other by shooting safe foam-tipped arrows, to create an immersive front-row medieval battlefield experience for you & your teammates! Organize an Archery team building event in Singapore with us today!

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 Archery Tag Equipment

Premium Mongolian Bows used in Archery Tag Singapore


Mongolian Bows

We use high quality traditional Mongolian bows in our events, to give you an authentic experience of playing Combat Archery & tag your friends in a battle game!


Our coaches will teach you the basic techniques of shooting with one, to transform you into a medieval Archer!

Safe Foam Arrows used in Archery Tag Singapore

Safe Foam Arrows

Our arrows have a soft foam tip, making it safe for you to shoot each other in a battle game! ​


The feeling of getting shot is similar to someone hitting you with a rolled-up newspaper. This low level of impact makes the game suitable for children and youths, as well as adults.

Protective Gear used in Archery Tag Singapore events

Protective Gear

Safety protective equipment are provided to ensure that you play our games smoothly and safety.


In Archery Tag Singapore, a Protective Mask is all you need, as the impact of the arrow is very low. All masks are disinfected before and after each game.

How To Play Archery Tag

Obstacles setup in an Archery Tag Singapore event

Obstacles Setup

The Archery Tag battlefield is setup with obstacles for you to hide and take cover. Make full use of them and minimize your exposure to avoid getting shot down by the enemy players!

Our facilitators will organize a variety of game modes, to put your combat archery skills to the test!

Playing Archery Tag on a soft turf surface

Soft Turf Surface

Our base is at 38 Jalan Benaan Kapal, just 5 mins walk from Stadium MRT station. Our Archery Tag games are held on soft artificial grass, for your safety and comfort. ​


Alternatively, we can also organize a game at your premises, such as an event hall, or a school multipurpose hall.

Group photo afte an Archery Tag Singapore event

Group Photo

You have fought the good fight, so now give us your wackiest pose to commemorate your hard-earned victory!

Our facilitators will also assist in announcing the scores, or prize-giving if you have any.

Archery Tag SIngapore Price

Got a custom request? Drop us an email:

Just a casual Archery Tag game for fun with friends or colleagues

Casual Fun Game

Gather your friends for a quick casual Archery Tag game! 


Casual Package for 1 hour = SGD 350

Casual Package for 1.5 hours = SGD 500


  • Basic Archery coaching

  • Experienced facilitator

  • Safety Briefing

  • Protective gear

Archery Tag Singapore corporate team building events


Team Building

Our Archery tag team-building programs are specially designed with a strong team element, so that players have to work as a team in order to succeed!


  • High quality Mongolian bows

  • Team-based challenges

  • Various difficulty levels

  • Score-taking management


For corporate team building, our Archery Tag Singapore price ranges around $15 to $25/pax.

Please contact us:

Archery Tag target shooting booth in Singapore

Target Shooting Booth

Setup an Archery Tag Target Shooting Booth at your event or carnival, for your participants to have a safe way of shooting arrows! It's not everyday where you can get the chance to shoot with a Mongolian bow and take a picture with it!


Rates: SGD 150/hour with 5 Mongolian Bows + 2 Instructors

Please contact us with your event details, so that we can quote you a suitable Archery Tag for kids in Singapore price package:

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