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Laser Tag For Kids & Youth

Cohesion • Carnivals • Birthday Parties

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     Laser Tag is a great game to organize for kids' birthday parties, or youth/students cohesion events, because it is safe and easy to manage. For kids' Laser Tag events, we use official NERF Laser Ops Pro guns because they are easier to operate and keep the prices affordable for you!

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Laser Tag Equipment

(For kids and youth)

Laser Tag Singapore guns for kids assault rifle

Laser Tag Kids' Rifle

The NERF Laser Ops Deltaburst is a full size assault rifle, complete with LED display and recoil action to give an immersive experience!

We recommend this Assault Rifle for older kids (around 10yo). 

Laser Tag Singapore kids nerf laser tag pistol

Laser Tag Kids' Pistol

For younger kids (approx 5 years and above), we have the NERF Laser Ops AlphaPoint handgun for them. These are lighter and just as easy to operate, making your Laser Tag birthday party suitable for all ages to have fun!

Laser Tag Singapore birthday party for kids

Laser Tag Birthday Party

Ready to organize an awesome Laser Tag party for kids?

The game may also take place inside your school or a playground, and the kids may run around to hide behind the walls or trees!

Where To Play

Laser Tag Singapore

Kids Laser Tag Singapore at The Cage 38 Jalan Benaan Kapal near Stadium MRT

Come To Our Venue

Our venue is located conveniently near Stadium MRT Station, at The Cage, 38 Jalan Benaan Kapal.

There's also a seating area for your food & cake, and for parents to watch the game.

Rates start at $600.

Kids Laser Tag Singapore played in parks & playgrounds

Parks & Open Areas

Kids' Laser Tag games may also be played in parks or nearby playgrounds. The kids can hide around the natural elements to play, such as trees and bushes!

Rates start at $350.

Kids Laser Tag Singapore played in multi-purpose halls

Multi-Purpose Hall

Another suitable venue is a Multi-Purpose Hall, or a big function room. Or perhaps just your HDB void deck. We can bring down all equipment, including obstacles, to setup and run the game.

Past Kids Laser Tag Event: Mall Experience

On Nov 2019, we organize a kids Laser Tag game for our client inside a shopping mall! Watch how the kids work as a team as they battle their way through!

Past Kids Laser Tag Event: BIRTHDAY PARTY

On Apr 2019, we organized a Kids Laser Tag birthday party for our client at our venue, at The Cage, which is near Stadium MRT. Parents joined in the game too.

Laser Tag birthdat party
Past Kids Laser Tag Event: BIRTHDAY PARTY

On Feb 2019, for our client's convenience, we brought all our kids Laser Tag equipment down to their condo's Multi-Purpose Hall to run the game. Check out the awesome photos!

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