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Wacky Bubble Bumping Fun!

Team Building • Birthday Parties • Events

​Put yourself inside an inflatable bubble suit and get ready for some wacky action-packed fun games!


Bump your friends and watch them bounce to create moments of hilarious laughter!

Our games range from simple ones such as Bubble Soccer, where you play a typical soccer game while wearing the inflatable bubble suit, to more strategy-oriented games such as Bubble Captain, where team-mates have to protect their team captains from getting "killed"!

BUBBLE SOCCER Video Showcase

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Bubble Soccer - Team Building Activity Game in Singapore

Bubble Suit

Get inside our inflatable bubble suit and you're ready to play! The bouncy nature of the bubbles make it safe for you to bump others and cushions your fall. ​


Our bubbles also come in red and blue colors, and helps you to differentiate friend from foe.

Play on soft turf for safety - Team Building Activity Game in Singapore

Soft Turf

Our games are held in a futsal court where the ground is made of artificial grass to give a soft turf surface.


This makes it safe for players, even in the event that they fall, the soft surface will provide a safe level of cushion.

The Cage near Stadium MRT - Team Building Activity Game in Singapore

The Cage

We are primarily located at The Cage, 38 Jalan Benaan Kapal, near Stadium MRT.

But if you want, we can bring the equipment to anywhere you want. Just let us know and we will advise the suitability of the venue.

Game Modes

Bubble Soccer Futsal Game Mode - Team Building Activity Game in Singapore

Bubble Soccer

There are many different game modes that we can play. ​


The most common one is Bubble Soccer, where you play soccer while wearing an inflatable bubble suit!

Bubble Captain Game Mode - Team Building Activity Game in Singapore

Bubble Captain

Try to escort your team's Captain over to his destination safely. But watch out, if the enemy team players bump your Captain down, you lose!

Bubble Attack Game Mode - Team Building Activity Game in Singapore

Bubble Attack!

An all-out warfare! Bump and vanquish the enemy team to declare victory. ​The inflatable bubbles make the game safe for some serious wacky hilarious fun!

Latest Event: 30 pax Bubble Soccer Game!

In July 2018, we organized a Bubble Soccer game for our client at Turf City, which is just a few minutes walk from Sixth Avenue MRT. Check out the photos!

Bubble Soccer Singapore
Bubble Soccer Singapore
All gathering around the ball!
Group Photo Bubble Soccer Singapore

Our Clients

We are privileged to provide many hours of fun Bubble Soccer events to various organizations over the years in Singapore.

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