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SpARTAN TAG Singapore

Safe Foam Spears + Electronic Body Sensors = Action-packed Adventure!

Team Building • Casual Fun Play • Birthday Parties

Teamwork. Sportsmanship. Courage.

These are the things that you'll need to win in Spartan Tag!

Spartan Tag is an action-packed sports game with safe foam Spears and electronic body sensors to detect when you get tagged. Made and imported from the USA, our equipment is safe even for kids to play with adults!

Suitable for corporate team building events, birthday parties, or just casual fun with friends!

Spartan Tag Video Showcase

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Clients & Past Events

Since 2004, we are honored to have brought endless hours of fun and excitement into people's lives. Here are some of our clients over the years.

Equipment Used in Spartan Tag

Spartan Tag Singapore mask for face protectin

Spartan Mask

Players will wear an awesome Spartan mask during the game!

Even though the face is not a valid target, the mask still helps to serve as a safety protection (besides making you look cool!).

Safe foam Spear that bends on contact

Safe Foam Spears

The foam Spears that players will use are made with a US patented safety technology, so that it will bend upon contact.

It is safe for kids and ladies, so the whole family can play altogether.

Electronic body sensors for scoring and tracking hits

Electronic Sensors

Players will wear an electronic body sensor, which will beep when you get tagged by a Spear.

When all your lives are gone, the sensor will shut down to indicate that you're out!

How To Play Spartan Tag

Gladiators' Glory - Spartan Tag Singapore Game Mode

Game Mode #1
Gladiators' Glory

"If we stay together, we survive."
~ from the movie Gladiators. 

You and your team are now in the center of the Colosseum. Stay together in formation if you want to survive and win!

Capture The Flag - Spartan Tag Singapore Game Mode

Game Mode #2
Capture The Flag

Win glory for your Lord by capturing the flag!

A flag will be placed in the center of the field. The team that can safely retrieve it back to base wins!

Protect The VIP - Spartan Tag Singapore Game Mode

Game Mode #3
Protect The VIP

In your team, there is a VIP who you must protect and escort safely to the destination.

If he dies, the whole team loses! Defend your VIP against the assassins!

Packages & Rates For Spartan Tag

Corporate Team Building with Spartan Tag Singapore

Corporate Team Building

Build stronger bonds with your colleagues, as you battle through the various challenges.

Packages start at $350 onwards. Depending on number of pax.

Birthday Parties with Spartan Tag Singapore

Be a Spartan on your birthday! Big kids or small kids, everyone can play together, even together with adults!

Packages start at $550. Flexible for customization.

School Carnivals with Spartan Tag Singapore

Schools & Carnivals

Setup a Spartan Tag booth at your carnival? Or run a school program for students to learn teamwork & have fun at the same time.

Contact us with your event details for a quotation.

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