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Our Team bonding events in Singapore are specially designed with a strong team element, to foster teamwork, leadership, communication and strategy.

Archery Tag at team bonding sg
Zombie Tag at team bonding sg
Dart War at team bonding sg
Archery Tag

Engage in a game of medieval warfare where you shoot Archery tag safe arrows at each other, in various game modes!

We use high quality traditional Mongolian bows, and our arrows have a soft foam tip so that you can have a safe and exciting battle game!


Zombie Tag

Zombies are now roaming the Earth, devouring any last remaining survivors. 


Will you and your team survive?

Test your leadership skills in a Zombie apocalypse crisis!

Dart War

Premium gun battle experience with guns that shoot safe foam velcro bullets, that will stick onto the players' velcro vest.

Plan and execute a coordinated movement plan to fortify your stronghold and ensure victory!

Bubble Soccer at team bonding sg
Human Foosball at team bonding sg
Custom Requests at Team bonding sg
Bubble Soccer!

Put on an inflatable bubble suit for some bubbly bumping fun!

Our action-packed games are designed to make you strategize with your team-mates in order to attack the opposing team.


Human Foosball

Foosball was originally invented to bring soccer to the table-top. But we have done the opposite by bringing table-top soccer to real-life instead!

Players must hold on to the poles and can only slide sideways to kick the ball. As there are multiple person to 1 pole, you must indicate your intentions well in order to move smoothly.

Custom Requests

We welcome Custom Requests and will gladly come up with a unique program for you.

Simply contact us right now!


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