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Human Foosball Singapore

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Human Foosball

Real life Table-top Soccer!


Ever played Foosball, the table-top soccer where you control mini plastic figures skewered by a metal rod as you twist and turn them like satay sticks?

Welcome to Human Foosball, where you are now physically inside the game as one of those mini plastic figures! You must hold onto the poles and move only sideways, to work as a team in kicking the ball into the goalpost!

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HOw To Play Human Foosball?

Holding onto the poles - Human Foosball Singapore

Hold Onto The Poles

Human Foosball is the real-life equivalent of the popular table-top soccer game, where you are now one of those "mini-figurines"! ​

Hold onto the pole to slide only sideways, and communicate as a team to move smoothly in order to score goals!

Soft turf surface - Human Foosball Singapore

Soft Turf Surface

Human Foosball games are typically played in futsal courts, where the ground is made of artificial grass to provide a safe soft surface. ​


This simulates playing on a grass field, and provides safety to the players.

Guard your goalpost - Human Foosball Singapore

Guard Goalpost!

The Goal-Keeper is the only player in this game not confined to a pole. ​ Make use of this 'freedom' to guard your goalpost well!

Latest Event: 60 pax Human Foosball Game!

Our client was from a large company that had 60 over people coming to play, so we setup not just 1, but 2 concurrent games of Human Foosball! So that more people can play without queuing.

Human Foosball at Premier Pitch
Human Foosball at Premier Pitch
Human Foosball at Premier Pitch
Human Foosball at Premier Pitch
Human Foosball at Premier Pitch

Our Clients

We are privileged to provide many hours of fun Human Foosball company team-building events to various organizations over the years in Singapore.

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