Birthday Party
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Top Birthday Activities

NERF Battle Games

Very popular with kids, as kids love NERF guns! Safe for all ages, and can be played indoors or outdoors.

Pricing starts at $350 for 10 kids.

Laser Tag

Play just about anywhere, as there is no physical projectile. Play at your void deck, park or playground!

Pricing starts at $300 for 10 kids.

Archery Tag

Learn the medieval art of Combat Archery and fulfill your kids' dream of becoming a warrior!

Pricing starts at $350 for 10 kids.

Where To Play

Venue at Kallang

Our venue is at The Cage, 38 Jalan Benaan Kapal, which is just 5 mins walk from Stadium MRT.

It comes with tables & chairs too, for you to place your food & drinks.

Venue at Turf City

Located at 220 Turf Club Road, our Turf City venue is centrally located and convenient for your guests to attend.

There are tables/chairs available.

Your Venue

Got a suitable venue of your own? We can also bring everything down to your venue too!

Examples are: function rooms, nearby playground, basketball courts etc...

Contact us now to organize an awesome kids Birthday Party event!
NERF Birthday Party Event

This NERF event for kids birthday party was held inside our client's condo, and took place in the playground with the surrounding greenery serving as places for the kids to hide! Armed with NERF blasters and our special Velcro Bullets, players are considered as "dead" when the bullet sticks onto their Velcro Vests.

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