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Gun Battle Games With Electronic Guns & Sensors

Team Building • Casual Fun Play • Birthday Parties

     Laser Tag is a safe & exciting gun battle game, where players try to tag each other with electronic guns to win the game. Ideal for all ages, it is suitable for team building events, laser tag birthday parties, or just casual fun with friends!

     With more than 10 years of experience, contact us to organize an awesome and the best Laser Tag event in Singapore.

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Laser Tag Singapore 

Team Building

For adults & youth.

We use only the best Laser Tag guns for our games!

Laser Tag Singapore Assault Rifle

Laser Tag Assault Rifle

With an effective range of 200 metres, our Laser Tag assault rifle allows you to shoot down foes across 2 x soccer fields' length. Or, you can hide and be a stealthy sniper!

Laser Tag Singapore Tactical Handgun

Laser Tag Handgun

Swift and agile, the Laser Tag pistol is ideal for people who value speed over range. Chase down your foes and shoot them easily around corners.

Laser Tag Team Building Singapore with premium laser tag guns

Laser Tag Team Building

Work as a team if you want to win! Our facilitators will guide you through the various game modes as your team fight its way to become the champion!

Rates start from $390

How To Play

Laser Tag Singapore

Laser Tag Singapore headband electronic sensor

Headband Sensor

Adult players must wear a headband with electronic sensors, that will detect when you get shot. When your "lives" are depleted, the gun is also disabled.

Laser Tag Singapore deathmatch game mode

Classic Deathmatch

Shoot down the enemy players to win! Teamwork is a must if you want to survive. Move as a team to outwit your foes and claim victory! Easy to explain and play, we usually start off the event with Deathmatch first.

Laser Tag Singapore capture the flag game mode

Capture The Flag

Retrieve the flag, bring it back to your base AND stay alive to win glory for your team! Watch each other's back to ensure mission success!

Where To Play

Laser Tag Singapore

Laser Tag Singapore at The Cage 38 Jalan Benaan Kapal near Stadium MRT

Come To Our Venue

Our battlegrounds are located conveniently near Stadium MRT Station, at The Cage, 38 Jalan Benaan Kapal.

We will setup walls and obstacles to simulate an immersive battlefield experience.

Laser Tag played in public parks in Singapore

Parks & Open Areas

Play Laser Tag in Singapore parks! Enjoy a fun time while admiring the greenery.

You can also make use of the natural environment, such as trees, chairs, pillars for cover.

Laser Tag Singapore play in multi-purpose hall

Multi-Purpose Hall

If you have a multi-purpose hall or similar, we can bring our Laser Tag equipment down and setup at your venue to run the game.

Contact us for a free consultation to see if your venue is suitable.

Laser Tag Singapore Price & Packages

Corporate Team Building with Laser Tag Singapore

Laser Tag Team Building

Form teams and fight your way to become the champion in an exciting Laser Tag game!

Rates for corporate team building with our high-end premium guns start from $390. The more people you have, the cheaper it gets.

Laser Tag Singapore in beautiful parks

Casual Fun Package

Play in Laser Tag in beautiful Singapore parks! Our favorites are Fort Canning Hill Park & Bishan Park, for its accessibility with plenty of hiding spots.

Our Casual Packages start from $350 at the park of your choice.

Laser Tag Singapore kids birthday party

Laser Tag Birthday Party

We organize Laser Tag birthday party for kids Great for some clean and fuss-free fun!


We have special kids Laser Tag guns and packages.

Past Laser Tag Team Building Event: Battle In The Park!

In Dec 2019, we organized a Laser Tag game for our client in the park. While we did setup some obstacles, the players are free to make use of the park's natural environment for hiding, such as the bushes!

Contact Us

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