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Kids Archery Tag
We make Archery Fun for Kids!

Experience the joy and sending an arrow into the air!


Archery Tag for kids are different from adults because they require more guidance and bows/arrows which are safer & easier for them to use.

As the 1st company to organize Archery Tag in Singapore, we have experienced facilitators and suitable equipment to create a memorable Archery shooting experience for your kids or students.

What types of games are suitable for kids?
Which kinds of protective gear do they need?

Where can you organize an Archery Tag game for kids?

Contact us so that we can advise you:

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What Is
Kids Archery Tag

Kids Archery Tag equipment

Kids Bows & Gear

For kids or school students, we use bows that are smaller size so that it is easier for them to shoot. This helps to boost their confidence when they see their arrows soar!

Safe Padded Arrows for Kids Archery Tag events

Safe Foam Arrows

Kids love combat games and it really rouse up their spirits in an exciting Archery Tag game! By using safe foam arrows and protective masks, the kids can have fun safely.

Coaching for kids Archery Tag events


Our facilitators will teach the kids on the correct techniques of shooting a bow and arrow, as well as guide them throughout the whole program.

Where To Play

Kids Archery Tag Singapore at The Cage Stadium MRT

Venue at Kallang

Located conveniently near Stadium MRT, we are located at The Cage, 38 Jalan Benaan Kapal.

The enclosed environment and turf flooring provides a safe environment for kids to enjoy Archery Tag.

Kids Archery Tag Singapore in school halls

School Halls

If you are organizing a game for school students, one great location is the indoor school hall, or multipurpose hall.

We can bring all equipment down and setup the game there for your convenience!

Your own venue for kids Archery Tag events

Your Venue

Got a suitable venue of your own? We can also bring everything down to your venue too!

Examples are: tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer fields

Contact us now to organize an awesome kids Archery Tag event!

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Kids Archery Tag Singapore Event

In this event, we organized a Kids Archery Tag game inside a country club. The game was held on the tennis court, and the kids were formed into teams for a combat game competition!

Students Archery Tag Singapore Event

Held at West Coast Park's Grand Lawn, we organized an Archery Tag event for secondary school students. They displayed great sportsmanship during the Archery Tag tournament!

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