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Specially designed for adults (14 years and above), RIVAL TAG uses NERF Rival guns which are more powerful and accurate. With our special Velcro Bullets that can stick onto the players' Velcro Vests, we are able to easily identify who got shot during the game!

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Equipment Used in RIVAL TAG

NERF Rival Guns

Rival series guns are more powerful and accurate, and thus more suitable for adult players.

Velcro Bullets

NERF Rival guns also shoot round bullets, instead of darts. Our specially-invented Velcro Bullets will stick onto players' Velcro Vest to indicate who got shot!

Velcro Vest

The players' Velcro Vests come in red or blue color, so we know which team they're on. If the referee sees a Velcro Bullet stuck onto your vest, you're out!

Types of Guns

"Kronos" Handgun

Lightweight but equally powerful and accurate, the NERF RIVAL "Kronos" handgun is great for shooting around corners.

"Artemis" Shotgun

Convenient to shoot with, and compact in size, the NERF RIVAL "Artemis" is a favorite for most players in our team building games.

"Hades" Rifle

NERF RIVAL "Hades" is the biggest assault rifle in our armoury! Its high capacity allows you to mow down enemy players easily.


Obstacles & Walls

Our location is at The Cage, 38 Jalan Benaan Kapal (near Stadium MRT Station). We will setup various obstacles / walls to create an immersive battlefield!

Alternatively, we can bring all our equipment down to your venue too.

Team Deathmatch

Deathmatch is the most classic game mode that we can play in RIVAL TAG, with both teams trying to eliminate and shoot down the enemy team's players!

Advanced Modes

If you're up for it, try our Advanced Team Building Game Modes! Featuring special players like Zombies, Grenadiers etc... Everyone must work as a team if they wanna win!

Latest RIVAL TAG Event: Corporate Team Building

On Jan 2020, we started off the year with a 88 pax team building event! Teams fought valiantly for the championship, as they blasted each other with NERF Rival guns, using our special Velcro Bullets!

Past RIVAL TAG Event: Corporate Team Building

On Dec 2018, for our client's convenience, we brought all our RIVAL TAG equipment down to their club house's Multi-Purpose Hall to run the corporate team building event for them. It was great fun!

Past RIVAL TAG Event: Corporate Team Building

On July 2018, we organize a corporate team building event for 30+ pax. The RIVAL TAG game took place at The Cage (near Stadium MRT). Check out the photos here!

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