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Samurai Archery Singapore

Learn the traditional shooting of Samurai warriors

Marksmanship • New Experience • Culture & History

samurai archery at teambondingsg

The Art of Japanese Archery

The Japanese bow towers at a majestic height of 2.23 meters, taller than a person. It is shot with specific techniques designed for warfare.

Our Samurai Archery workshop will allow you to experience and learn these ancient methods, followed by a marksmanship competition to test your newfound skills.

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Program Flow

samurai archery at teambondingsg

Traditional Coaching

Our Samurai Archery coaches will first teach you the basic fundamentals of shooting with a Japanese bow.


Samurai Techniques

Because the Samurai bow is a weapon used in ancient warfare, the shooting methods are quite different and dynamic, and we will share that with you too!

samurai archery at teambondingsg

Marksman Competition

Finally, we will have a Marksmanship Competition, where participants form teams and try to hit the most number of targets to win!

Where To Hold A Samurai Archery Event?

samurai archery at teambondingsg

The Cage (Kallang)

Our primary venue is at The Cage, 38 Jalan Benaan Kapal, which is conveniently located near Stadium MRT.

samurai archery at teambondingsg

Multi-Purpose Hall

We have also conducted Samurai Archery programs in school halls. Generally, any multi-purpose halls is fine.

samurai archery at teambondingsg


We can do it outdoors too! Above photo is a Samurai Archery try-out booth which we held at Marina Bay Sands. We had a long queue!

Our Clients

We have organized Samurai Archery workshops and events for various organizations over the years. Here are some of our past events!

Latest SAMURAI ARCHERY Event: Public Workshop

On June 2019, we organized a public workshop for 16 pax. They learnt Basic Shooting, Horseback shooting, Team Shooting and Tactical formations. Thank you for your great participation!

Contact Us

Drop us an email for a FREE consultation on planning your Samurai Archery team bonding events in Singapore.

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Call or SMS us at: +65 9786 9083

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