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Samurai Archery Singapore

Learn the traditional shooting of Samurai warriors

Marksmanship • New Experience • Culture & History

The Art of Japanese Archery

The Japanese bow towers at a majestic height of 2.23 meters, taller than a person. It is shot with specific techniques designed for warfare.

Our Samurai Archery workshop will allow you to experience and learn these ancient methods, followed by a marksmanship competition to test your newfound skills.

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Program Flow


Traditional Coaching

Our Samurai Archery coaches will first teach you the basic fundamentals of shooting with a Japanese bow.


Samurai Techniques

Because the Samurai bow is a weapon used in ancient warfare, the shooting methods are quite different and dynamic, and we will share that with you too!


Marksman Competition

Finally, we will have a Marksmanship Competition, where participants form teams and try to hit the most number of targets to win!

Where To Hold A Samurai Archery Event?


The Cage (Kallang)

Our primary venue is at The Cage, 38 Jalan Benaan Kapal, which is conveniently located near Stadium MRT.

Location Hall.jpg

Multi-Purpose Hall

We have also conducted Samurai Archery programs in school halls. Generally, any multi-purpose halls is fine.

Location Outdoors.jpg


We can do it outdoors too! Above photo is a Samurai Archery try-out booth which we held at Marina Bay Sands. We had a long queue!

Our Clients

We have organized Samurai Archery workshops and events for various organizations over the years. Here are some of our past events!

Latest SAMURAI ARCHERY Event: Public Workshop

On June 2019, we organized a public workshop for 16 pax. They learnt Basic Shooting, Horseback shooting, Team Shooting and Tactical formations. Thank you for your great participation!

Contact Us

Drop us an email for a FREE consultation on planning your Samurai Archery team bonding events in Singapore.

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Call or SMS us at: +65 9786 9083

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