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​ZOMBIE Tag Singapore

Will You Survive?

     In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, are your friends or colleagues reliable in helping you to survive? Find out in an exciting team building game of Zombie Tag!

     Originally created in US back in 2005, it has now grown to become a global phenomena played by all over the world as an exciting, engaging and fun team building game.

     You will get to play both as Humans working together to survive in an apocalyptic world, and also as Zombies determined to eat as many brains as they can with their last breath. Which side will prevail? You will decide!

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Zombie Players

If you choose the dark side...

Outfit of a Zombie player in Zombie Tag Singapore Team Building

 Velcro Hands

As a Zombie Player, you wear a scary mask and carry a couple of Velcro Hands which are used for tagging the Human Players.

Zombie player successfully tag humans in Zombie Tag Singapore team building

Tag The Humans!

Let your Velcro Hand stick onto a Human Player's Velcro Vest, and now you have one more delicious juicy brain to feast on!

Zombie ambush

Hide & Ambush

We erect several obstacles in the game, so that Zombie Players can hide & ambush the Humans. Strike when they least expect it!

Human Players

Will you survive...?

Human Player armed with a gun in Zombie Tag Singapore team building

Shoot Zombies

How do you defend yourself from zombies? By shooting them, of course. If the Velcro Bullet that you shot, sticks onto a Zombie, then that Zombie is dead!

Improvised weapon for missions in Zombie Tag

Sewage Shield

Sewage Covers work well as shields, to protect yourself from zombies when they come to tag you. Improvise, adapt, overcome.

Teamwork & leadership in a Zombie Tag Singapore team building event


Your job as a Human Player is to survive the Zombie Apocalypse, so your mission may include scavenging for food, or rescuing survivors. Work as a team to win!

Latest Event: 60 pax Cohesion Event

In Dec 2019, we ended the year with a big 60 pax Zombie Tag event! Check out the photos to see how players worked together to avoid getting eaten by zombies on new year's eve!

Past Event: 20 pax Team Building Event!

In Feb 2019, we organized a Zombie Tag corporate team building event for our client of 20 pax. They worked as a team as they learnt how to survive in a Zombie Apocalypse event!

Past Event: 20 pax Halloween Event!

In Oct 2018, we organized a Zombie Tag event for our client coinciding with the annual Halloween festival! The game was held at night too, so as to increase the "horror" mood.

Packages & rates for Zombie Tag

zombie tag at teambondingsg
Zombie Tag Basic Package

Split into teams of Humans & Zombies and defend yourself in the zombie apocalypse. 

Recommended approximately 20 pax

Rates: approximately SGD 600 for 2 hours

  • Basic weapons coaching

  • High quality weapons

  • Experienced facilitators

  • Safety Briefing

  • Protective gear

  • Team-based challenges

  • Gory & bloodied props

zombie tag at teambondingsg
Apocalypse Leadership

Strong leadership, discipline, teamwork will be required if you want to survive in the worst Zombie apocalypse on Earth.


  • Everything included in the Basic Package

  • Environment simulation w/ inflatable walls

  • Special props

  • Extra engaging team missions

  • Special mutant zombies!

Contact us for rates!

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