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150 pax Team Building Event with Archery Tag & NERF Rival Tag

In Aug 2018, we organized a team building event for our client for 150 pax! We organized 2 games for them: Archery Tag and Rival Tag

Briefing at the start of the event

We first held a briefing for all the participants, to explain how the game works. For Archery Tag, we taught them the safety rules and how to shoot the bow properly. For Rival Tag, we demonstrate how the Velcro Bullets will stick onto their Velcro Vests which they have to wear, to indicate who got shot.

Teamwork in Rival Tag

Players are split into teams and engage in an intense gun shooting battle!

Walls are erected as obstacles

We setup walls and obstacles for the players to take cover!

Ready for Archery Tag fight!

Players at the Archery Tag game stand ready to begin the competition.

Vying for points in Archery Tag game

Thank you for playing Archery Tag & NERF Rival Tag with us. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and had a memorable time!

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