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60 Pax Event for High School Students

In Nov 2017, we organized a cohesion event for 60 High School students! We setup 2 games for them: NERF Dart War & Bubble Soccer.

1) Dart War After briefing them about the game rules, the students quickly take up position behind the obstacles, awaiting the whistle's blow to signify the start of the battle!

Taking up position in Dart War by

Teamwork is the key. Here, the Shield-Bearer of the team blocks the incoming bullets with her big shield to protect her teammates, so that they can return fire!

Blocking with shield in NERF Dart War by

As the players get more confident, they start to organize a coordination assault and rush into the enemy's base to finish them off!

Rushing into battle NERF Dart War by

2) Bubble Soccer The 2nd game we organized for the students is Bubble Soccer. The students fit into Red and Blue inflatable bubbles for a bumpy game of socce

Red and blue bubbles in Bubble Soccer by

Bubble Soccer game rules are easy. Just imagine playing a normal soccer game, but inside a big bouncy bubble which you can use to bump other players!

Snatching the soccer ball in Bubble Soccer by

Sometimes you may even overturn while you're inside a bubble! Either you can swing yourself upright again, or your friends can help to push you up (while laughing at you at the same time probably!).

overturned turtle in Bubble Soccer by

Thank you for organizing a cohesion event with us and we hope you've enjoyed the games. We look forward for you to come and play other games with us next time.

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