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Laser Tag For Kids: Rules And Games To Play Laser Tag

Kids love to play indoor and outdoor games with their friends. Games teach them the importance of rules and sportsmanship. So, it is beneficial for kids to engage in social activities and associate with their peers. One such game that creates a strong bond between children is laser tag for kids.

Laser tag is a shooting game, played with the laser guns. The players shoot each other with safe laser beams to win the game. It is suitable for any person, with any age, be it a child or an adult.

You require a large field and team members to play laser tag. Also, you can book a park or ground to play laser tag. Contact the relevant people to ask for laser tag Singapore price.

Rules Of Laser Tag For Kids

Each game comes with its own rules and regulations. All the players need to follow these rules to win the game and show sportsmanship. Similarly, laser tag for kids also has some rules that will help children play this game with more fun and entertainment.

Rule 1: Acquaintance With The Game

The first rule of laser tag game is to get acquainted with the game. You need to learn about the game’s equipment and gear; also, how you can play and master the game. It will be a disaster if you start playing laser tag without any knowledge and understanding of the game.

Rule 2: Play For Fun

The purpose of playing multiplayer games is to have fun with friends and family. These games increase team bonding and cooperation among the players. So, play laser tag with a sense of pleasure and keep it lively.

Rule 3: Do Not Touch

Laser tag is a game that is based on multiplayer, but you cannot touch each other. You have to maintain a distance, or else any contact with the opponent can lead to elimination. So, play the game carefully, with no contact, as you will be out of the game if you touch.

Rule 4: Out Means Out, With One Exception

Even if a player fails in the middle of the game, it will be an out. But, there is only one exception: if the player failed due to low batteries, they could take a time-out. In the time-out, players can replace the batteries and then rejoin the game afterwards.

Rule 5: Do Not Cover The Sensors During The Game

One of the rules is that the players cannot cover their sensor to prevent the tagging. Sensors should be visible all the time. Otherwise, the player will be eliminated from the game, and it will be considered as cheating.

Rule 6: No Cheating

We play games to enhance our skills, bonding, and sportsmanship. Cheating is the worst thing a team member can do during the games. According to the rules, anyone who cheats or lies will be disqualified from the competition. There is a no toleration rule for cheating and any dubious acts.

Laser Tag Games For Kids

Laser tag is a game that comes with variety. Kids can play different laser tag games to avoid boredom and to have more fun. Laser tag for kids include the following games:

Rabbit Hunter

Rabbit Hunter is an enjoyable laser tag game for kids. It needs at least three players to play the game; however, it would be more fun with additional players. In this game, one player becomes the rabbit, and the others become the hunter. The hunters have to chase and shoot the rabbit, while the rabbit will run and try to save itself.

You need a large playing field with obstacles for chasing and hunting. So, you can book an appointment with a company that organizes such events and ask for laser tag Singapore price.

Capture The Flag

One of the most common laser tag games is to capture the flag. It needs to have two teams with at least two members in each group. The aim is to steal the flag of the opponent team. That means each team will set up their separate base with a flag. You do not necessarily need a flag; it could be anything that the other team can take.

So, the motive is to protect your base and flag while trying to capture the flag of the opposing team. You have to take it and get back to your section without getting shot or killed. This game does require a large area to spread out the team.

Free For All

Free For All is the most basic and easiest game of laser tag for kids. It needs only two players or more to play the game. In this game, you have to tag all the other people and save yourself. You do not need to form teams for this game. This free for all match gives freedom and a choice to play separately.


Convoy is another fun game to play laser tag. For this game, you need six players to split them into three teams. One team is called “Convoy,” while the other two teams are of “Ambushers.” The playing field has a starting line and a finish line.

Now, the aim of the game is that the convoy members reach the finish line without getting tagged. Even if only one convoy member gets to the finish line, they win. At the same time, the ambushers try to shoot and stop the convoy from getting to the finish line.

Laser Tag Singapore Price

Although laser tag is a sport that you can play at home with kids, it requires space to set up equipment. You should have a large area to convert into a battleground. Also, the availability of laser guns, sensors, headbands, and other gear is necessary.

If you can manage it on your own, then that is great. However, in case you want to book an area for a large team, you can contact a company that organizes team building events. For instance, can arrange the best events of laser tag for kids. Contact now to acquire the laser tag Singapore price and packages!


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