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80 pax Archery Tag & Human Foosball

In October 2018, we organize a team building event for a government agency with 80 participants. They played 2 games with us: Archery Tag & Human Foosball.

Safety briefing for team building event

Safety is our number 1 priority in our events. We always start with a briefing of the game rules & safety pointers before the participants start to play.

Archery Tag battle and obstacles

In Archery Tag, players get to shoot each other with safe foam-tip arrows as if they're in a medieval battlefield! We setup obstacles as well, for the players to take cover and hide.

Pick up arrows in Archery Tag game

Arrows in Archery Tag are re-usable. Which means you have virtually unlimited supply. When the enemy shoots arrows at you, you can use it to shoot back at them.

Human Foosball ball in the middle.

Human Foosball is played like the table-top version of soccer, but only now you're playing it in real-life! Players have to hold on to poles and they can only slide left or right.

Score goals and defend your goalpost too!

Players must try to score goals by kicking the ball into the goal-post, just like normal soccer. But the challenge here is your limited range of movement!

Blind fold Human Foosball game modes

In Advanced game modes, some players have to wear blind-folds. Thus, they will have to depend on the non-blindfolded teammates to guide them which way to go!

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