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7 Fun Corporate Team Building Events To Organize In Singapore

Planning corporate team building events and team bonding activities in Singapore can be quite stressful and demanding. The company has to accommodate all the employees and keep their requests in mind. Also, they need to plan the whole process: select suitable team building activities, find a location, create a budget, and make arrangements.

For team bonding in Singapore, we are introducing some fun and exciting activities. By organizing these corporate team building events, companies can foster teamwork, improve skills, and communication of the people.

These fun activities will give a chance to all the team members to develop companionship and break the ice between each other.

7 Fun Corporate Team Building Events

Laser Tag

Laser tag is an all-time favourite team bonding activity in Singapore. This corporate team building event involves laser tag guns and some thrilling games to enhance team bonding in Singapore. Laser tag is a suitable game for people of all ages, and you can organize it indoors or outdoors. It helps in solving different problems, improves communication, and increases teamwork.

It includes games such as Convoy, Free for All, Capture the Flag, and Rabbit Hunter. You can choose any of these missions for your team and enhance team bonding. During this game, teams will strategize and work together to win against the opposing team. Also, they have to shoot and dodge the laser tags to defeat the other team.

Archery Tag

Archery tag in Singapore is an action-packed and thrilling team bonding game. It involves shooting arrows and protecting self from getting shot. Two teams play this game together and shoot arrows at each other. They try to eliminate their opponent by targeting and hitting them with arrows. The arrows have foam-filled tips to prevent any causalities. Also, team members use armguards and face masks for extra safety.

Archery tag is another event that companies can schedule at an indoor or outdoor venue. It helps in team bonding in Singapore and tests the teamwork and their skills. The teams have to be quick on their feet, strategize, make decisions, and communicate with each other. This process helps in team building and increasing comradeship.

Bubble Soccer

Another one of the best corporate team building events in Singapore is bubble soccer. It involves bumping into your colleagues and friends in a bubble suit. For this, participants have to wear a massive inflatable bubble suit and work in teams. You have to kick the ball, while wearing this bulky bubble suit, over to your teammates.

Teams work together to strategize and communicate the game plan, enhance their team bonding, and accomplish goals. You can play mission games, such as bubble bump, bubble bump zombie, bubble bump invasion, bubble soccer, and other games. Bubble soccer raises effective cohesion between teams and offers a fun-filled activity for team bonding in Singapore.


Paintball is one of the most exciting, fast-paced, and thrilling team building activities in Singapore. People who love designing strategies, chasing, and shooting, Paintball is perfect for them. It encourages the teamwork to complete challenges and win against the opposing team. Also, this activity is open for all, regardless of their age, gender, or competency level.

Paintball involves shooting paint pallets at your opponents and eliminating them from the game. You learn to shoot accurately, seek cover, attach, and defend your field, and partners. This game takes out the competitive streak in the team members and push them to overcome all the obstacles.

Paintball will build fellowship, improve communication, enhance the sense of achievement, and teach handling pressure. So, if you are not afraid of a few paint pallet hitting you, then try this team bonding activity in Singapore.

Human Foosball

You must have heard of table-top foosball game, in which players control small plastic figures to hit the soccer. Human Foosball is the live and real version of the Foosball, where humans replace those plastic figures. Participants take part in this game physically and hold onto the poles to hit the ball.

The players have to move sideways to hit and throw balls. Also, two teams play this game together to score as many goals as they can and protect their goalpost to stop the rival team from scoring. Human Foosball gives a chance to team members to interact and build relationships in a fun environment.

Spartan Tag

Spartan Tag is a combat-style game that gives a chance for team bonding in Singapore. You can play this team building game with your colleagues and have fun. In this game, participants have a foam Ninja dagger, a scoring vest, and they have to win against the opposing team.

Spartan Tag requires a large space; it can be indoor or outdoor. You will evade your opponent’s field and eliminate them from the game. You can devise different missions and game modes to play Spartan Tag; hence, it becomes a great team bonding game for you.

Rival Tag

Rival Tag is relatively a new game for the corporate team building events in Singapore. It is exciting, energetic, and fast-paced game for team bonding. People divide into two teams and involve in multiple game missions with their teammates. Team members need to communicate, make strategies, attack the opposing team, and dodge the bullets at the same time.

Participants use Nerf blasters to shoot bullets made of foam at their rival team. It is a safe game and activity due to its safety equipment, such as face masks. Rival Tag is a must activity to enhance competitiveness and team bonding between members.

How To Organize Corporate Team Building Events?

Companies can get into trouble and stress while organizing any team bonding activities in Singapore. Selecting an activity, finding a venue, and making arrangements is a hassle and time-consuming task. So, the best solution to arrange corporate team building events is to hire a professional event organizer.

Team Bonding Singapore is an expert at arranging various team bonding activities in Singapore. They have the necessary resources and trained facilitators for corporate team building events. Contact for the delivery of memorable experiences and team bonding in Singapore.


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