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Archery Tag Singapore: A Great Team Building Game In Singapore

Companies want to enhance the cooperation and coordination between their employees to create a productive workplace environment. For this reason, the organizations arrange many corporate activities and team building events to strengthen the team bond. Such events can include archery tag Singapore, rival tag, Spartan tag, or the best laser tag Singapore games.

Archery tag in Singapore is a sport similar to paintball or laser tag. In this game, members divide into two teams and shoot the opponent team members with foam-tipped arrows. It is a safe and exciting game that has rules and use of protective gear to avoid any casualties.

How To play Archery Tag?

You have to make two teams for playing archery tag. Each team will have at least four and a maximum of ten members. That means you need a group of eight to eighteen people to play archery tag. Each team will have its own pitch, from where they can shoot arrows. Also, a safety area will separate these two fields, in which arrows will be available. In the safety zone, players will not shoot arrows or get shot if they are inside it.

Each member of the two teams will have five arrows to shoot. Also, there will be barriers in their separate pitches where they can take cover. Team members also need equipment and gear to play archery tag so that the game does not stop and runs smoothly without any injuries.


You need safety gear and game equipment to play archery tag. You require the following things:

  1. Bow: For archery, a bow is significant, that should be lightweight and curved.

  2. Arrows: In archery tag, the arrows have form-filled tips to prevent any harm. Straight and balanced arrows, which can complement the bow.

  3. Mask: They cover the face and head to give extra protection. Although the players cannot shoot at the head, yet taking a precautionary measure is important.

  4. Armguards: You have a choice to wear armguards to protect arm and elbows.

Advantages Of Archery Tag Singapore As A Team Building Game

Archery tag is a fun and entertaining game that offers a chance to experience team bonding. It is a perfect corporate and team building event, which is advantageous and develops a team bond between members of a company.


Whenever it comes to games, teamwork is imperative. Players play the archery tag individually, being a part of the team. Even people who like to stay alone and aloof, they will have to make an effort to unite with the group.

Archery tag is a game that requires teamwork where you can gang up on the opponent team. At the same time, the team members have to save each other’s back and look out for their partners. So, this develops a sense of comradeship and leads to strong teamwork.

A Good Physical Activity

Archery tag is a fun way to indulge in physical activity and keep your body in action. Mostly, people spend time in offices, sitting down, doing work, and that is it. However, at such events, the members get an opportunity to involve in activities that refresh their mind and body.

Running around shooting the arrow, dodging hits and collecting arrows, gives a full-body workout to the team players. The members flex their arms while shooting and build stamina to go on for hours. So, archery tag Singapore is one of the best team building games that keeps you healthy while having fun.

Improves Communication

Communication is a significant part of our lives. Every situation in life requires the delivery of messages between the people. If the message is delivered appropriately, many problems resolve. However, in the case of miscommunication, several conflicts can arise and lead to permanent issues.

Games, like the best laser tag Singapore or archery tag, give a chance to team members to communicate with each other. It is crucial to create an understanding within the team to play games, follow the rules, shoot the opponent team, and to win the game.

The team will initiate a conversation, and throughout the game, members will stay attached unconsciously. Hence, this mutual understanding and cooperation lead to successful gameplay. The team members improve their communication style and feelings toward each other.

Breaks The Ice

Games and team activities give a chance to take a break from the tough and tiring daily routine. The employees of a company can let themselves loose and unleash their energetic side. During archery tag, you enjoy and have fun while shooting arrows and dodging them. Moreover, when you are successful in making the right aim, it gives you a sense of achievement.

No one minds or feel bad; people are generally in an elevated mood while playing such games. So, you can interact with every colleague and talk in a friendly environment. Thus, if a company organizes such team bonding events, members can make friends and open up to their associates.

Accuracy Matters

Games and activities teach many things on a personal and professional level. Archery tag needs a Hawkeye to shoot and dodge the arrow. You will hold a bow in one hand and hit the arrow with the other hand. To shoot the arrow, you have to target your opponents, keep an eye on them, and then throw the arrow.

The whole process of playing archery tag requires precision, patience, and accuracy. If you are not accurate, you will not be able to attack the opposing team. So, you will learn accuracy after playing this game, which can incorporate in your office work.

Archery Tag In Singapore

Be it the best laser tag Singapore games, zombie tag, dart war, paintball or archery tag Singapore, all of them help in building teams and creating understanding between team members. Organizations arrange these events to increase cooperation and teamwork across their employees. organizes casual fun games and corporate activities. So, the team members can play closely and work as a team to win the games. Contact, to make arrangements for archery tag in Singapore!


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