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How To Organize NERF Games For Students

When it comes to organizing some fun activities for students, NERF gun battle events are 1 of the top choices, because:

1) Students love it! Who doesn't enjoy a good & fun shoot-out with friends?

2) It's safe. The foam bullets won't cause any injuries. Teachers can have a peace of mind.

3) It's affordable. The cost could be less than $20 per student.

4) It can be easily organized within the school compounds.

5) It can foster teamwork and team building among the students, as they compete together as a team against others.

So what are some of the things to look out for when you want to organize a NERF gun event for students? Here are a few points to consider:

1) Suitable Venue

Suitable venue when running a NERF event

The top choice when organizing a NERF event in schools, is the Multi-Purpose Hall or Sports Hall. This is because it usually offers ample space for students to run around in, and it can be closed up so that the NERF bullets do not fly out of bounds.

If the weather is good, the grass field is also a good idea. As NERF gun battles involve running around, the field serves as a safe cushioning just in case someone falls. In fact, it's also more comfortable when the students kneel to hide and take cover.

If the school canteen is empty, such as during the holidays, NERF gun party may also be organized there. With so many tables & benches around, there are plenty of good hiding spots for students when they play. But one issue may be finding and retrieving the foam bullets after each game!

2) Safety

Safety measures in a NERF event

NERF games are inherently very safe. The only essential safety equipment is a pair of safety glasses or goggles, that wrap around the eyes to prevent the foam darts from hitting them.

Paintball full-face masks may also be used, but these may be unnecessary as the NERF foam darts do not hurt when they hit the face.

As with organizing any type of sports event, the usual & foreseeable injuries such as falling, heat exhaustion etc... should still be taken note of. Hence, a First Aid kit should still be prepared, and ensure that players have access to ample drinking water.

3) Scoring

How to have proper scoring in NERF games for students

The next challenge in running a NERF game is how to ensure that scores are kept properly, and there is no cheating? If you just buy some NERF guns from the stores and organize a game, players can easily cheat by denying that they have been shot, since there's no way of proving it.

Dart War solves this problem by using only special Velcro Bullets, so that these can stick onto the Velcro Vests that are worn by the players. Game referees can see it and keep track of which players have been shot. Scoring is fair & reliable, so that there will be no arguments among the players.

4) Affordable Cost

Affordable cost for students to have a NERF game.

Price and costing is always one of the main concerns for anyone who wants to organize something fun for the students. You'd be glad to know that NERF games are one of the most affordable options available.

For example, a similar game would be Laser Tag, but you can expect to pay approximately $35 per person, as the electronic guns are expensive.

But NERF games, even with the Velcro scoring feature as described above, can cost approximately $15 to $19 per student only! This helps the schools and teachers to manage their budget, giving you a peace of mind both in terms of safety and financial aspects.

5) Foster Teamwork

Foster teamwork in a NERF event

Are NERF games just about running around and shooting each other? Not if we conduct it the right way!!

To promote teamwork and team spirit in the players, we can:

1) organize the event into a Tournament, where teams earn points to become the Champion. This is why the Velcro feature is Point #3 is so important.

2) have different game modes, such as Capture The Flag, Escort The VIP etc... 3) have more than just guns! For example, someone can carry a Shield, as shown above, so that he can protect his teammates.

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Do you have more questions? Interested to organize a NERF event?

Contact us and we will help to answer your questions, and organize an awesome NERF event for you.

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