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Team Building Through Sports

Why choose a sporty activity when organizing a corporate team building event? This is because movement or light exercises help to increase endorphins in our brain, and sports in general require a team to work together on a common goal. Besides, most of us are already working in a sedentary environment. It will be good to get some exercise, not only for team building games, but also for better health.

Our company team building events are organized based on 3 criteria:

  1. safe for all players

  2. players to work together as a team

  3. low intensity, so that older or less-fit players can still participate equally.

Here are 5 of the activities we have, and how they are ideal for corporate team building events.

1) Archery Tag

Archery Tag Singapore Corporate Team Building Events

We take great pride in being the 1st company to start Archery Tag games in Singapore, and subsequently became the biggest. Right from the first day, we have been using traditional Mongolian bows, which are designed for combat archery purposes, so that participants can have a more authentic experience.

The action of drawing a bow works on your shoulders' muscles, as well as your upper-back muscles. This actually helps to straighten your spine and neck posture. You don't see Archers with hunched backs, do you?

Since most of us work at the computer, which slowly over the years deteriorate our postures and give us back & neck pain, playing Archery Tag is a good way to improve your posture in a fun way.

2) Laser Tag

Laser Tag Singapore Corporate Team Building Events

Laser Tag has been around for many years in Singapore. It is a popular choice when it comes to organize corporate team building events. Simulating a real gun fight, players shoot harmless infra-red beams at each other, which can picked up by their body sensors. When your health gets depleted, you're "dead".

There is little effort involved in squeezing the trigger of a gun. But in Laser Tag, the "bullets" fly much faster, so you'll be more likely to be running for cover. If we were to do a comparison between Archery Tag & Laser Tag, the differences in exercise levels are:

  • Laser Tag = More moving around. Works more on your leg muscles and stamina.

  • Archery Tag = More arm movement because of drawing the bow. Works more on your shoulder and back muscles.

3) Rival Tag

NERF Rival Tag Singapore Corporate Team Building Events

Rival Tag is currently the most special game that we have, because we are the 1st and ONLY company in the entire world to have it! Think of it as Paintball, but without Pain and without Paint.

In Rival Tag, players use NERF Rival guns to shoot our special Velcro Bullets at each other. A player is "dead" when a Velcro Bullet sticks onto his Velcro Vest. This way, we are able to judge fairly who has been shot in the game.

In terms of exercise intensity, you can consider Rival Tag to be somewhat in the middle of Archery Tag & Laser Tag:

  • Just slightly more effort than Laser Tag when shooting, because you have to "cock" or prime the gun between each shot.

  • Lesser running involved than Laser Tag, because the "bullets" here do not travel at light speed.

4) Zombie Tag

Zombie Tag Singapore Company Team Building Events

Ever wonder if your colleagues or friends will be reliable in case of a Zombie Apocalypse break out? Find out in our horror-themed team building activity of Zombie Tag!

Even though there is running involved in Zombie Tag, but for some reason, this activity is popular with the girls. We think it's the same reason why many girls like horror films.

The Human players must try to complete their objectives in the game, such as Rescuing people, or Scavenging for food, while avoiding the Zombie players. In the process, team work is very important. So you'll be working your brain and EQ muscles in Zombie Tag!

5) Human Foosball

Human Foosball Singapore Company Team Building Events

Human Foosball is the real-life version of the popular table-top soccer game. Players have to hold on to the poles, and can only slide left or right. So in terms of physical activity level, Human Foosball is actually quite easy for people of all ages, because your movement space is limited.

Teamwork is also important, because everyone holding onto the same pole has to move in the same direction, or else you're stuck! Game rules are similar to a regular soccer game. Kick the ball into the goal post to win!

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:

We look forward to organize an awesome event for you!


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