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Archery Tag at Sentosa Beach!

In Sept 2019, we were privileged to organize an Archery Tag cohesion event on the beach at Sentosa! Check out the awesome photos.

Arrow in mid-air?

Team fought to defend their base as they brave through the storm of arrows fire by the enemy forces. Did you notice an arrow in mid-air in the above photo?

Close-up of our Archery Tag bows

Close-up view of our combat archery bows. Design for combat shooting, it is suitable in various terrain and environment for an authentic Archery Tag experience.

Defend base in Archery Tag

Scenic beach, warm sunshine, awesome Archery Tag action. What a way to spend a weekend morning

Arrow in mid-flight again. Wow

Another shot of an arrow caught in mid-flight. Some players are always hiding behind the walls, but luckily unlike bullets, arrows can be shot in a curved arc to hit those hiding behind obstacles all the time!

Wanna organize an awesome Archery Tag event? Contact us:-


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