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160 pax Team Building For Emerson

In July 2017, we organized a big team building event for Emerson Asia Pacific for around 160 pax with 2 games: Archery Tag & Human Foosball.

1) Archery Tag

Think of it as the medieval version of Paintball. Instead of shooting each other with bullets, players will shoot each other with safe foam arrows!

Archery Tag taking aim, by

Players were taught how to shoot correctly and properly with a medieval bow, and they quickly got the hang of it!

Archery Tag, taking aim to shoot far!

We setup mock walls in the field so that players can hide and take cover. If you get hit by a foam arrow, you're out!

Shooting Archery Tag behind cover.

2) Human Foosball

Human Foosball may look like a simple game, but it certainly requires teamwork to win! 3 or 4 players are assigned to one pole, and they must move in unison. Thus, active communication and working well together is the key to winning this game!

Human Foosball teamwork

Once the ball gets to you, make sure it doesn't land on the enemy's hands (or is it feet?). Pass it to the next friendly pole so that it gets nearer to the goal-post!

The goal-keeper is the only player not confined to a pole, and has the freedom to move around and protect the goal-post. Just like a regular soccer game, kick the ball into the goal-post to score a point for your team.

Thank you for playing Archery Tag & Human Foosball with us, and we look forward to serve you again soon!

Team-building Activity Organizer in Singapore

+65 9786 9083


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